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TSC Signature Micropeel

A client favourite, maximizing cell renewal at its best without the downtime.

As we age, our body's ability to renew our cells reduces immensely. While in our 20s, we are able to renew cells to reveal a fresher appearance anywhere from 14-21 days compared to our 40s in which it slows down to 40-65 days. Why is cell renewal important you might ask? It aids in the process of anti-aging. When your cell turnover rate is low, the result is drier, dull looking skin where new skin cells are unable to travel from the deeper layers of the epidermis to the top layer to shed off old skin.

The Thornhill Skin Clinic Signature Micropeel, created and perfected by Shawn, is a client and clinic-favourite treatment. With the TSC Signature Micropeel, it penetrates skin deeply removing the outer layer of skin to reveal new, brighter and vibrant skin underneath. This in turn helps you speed up the cell renewal process. You can walk out of this treatment feeling fresher and rejuvenated while at the same time having treated your skin to the ultimate in cell renewal. This is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that encourages cell regeneration while removing the build-up of dead skin cells that hold the dead skin on the surface. The Thornhill Skin Clinic Signature Micropeel is one of our most popular treatments for its cell renewal properties. This treatment is great for acne, anti-aging and removing dead skin cells, and overall improvement of skin tone and texture.

The Chemical Peel can be customized to your skin type. Your aesthetician will assess your skin type and medical history during your appointment and treat you with the Chemical Peel most suitable for your skin type.

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