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Thornhill Skin Clinic was born from the belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  We feel what we see and that is what we put out into the world.

Founder and CEO Shawn Solomon has made it her life work to help people feel beautiful.  With over 29 years in clinical experience she brings her ambition, attention to detail, high expectations and complete dedication to each and every patient that passes through the clinic’s doors.  

With a client-centered approach, each patient is provided with a customized plan that is fostered by one of our highly trained practitioners.  Our goals are your goals.  The end game is providing results.  We believe in a natural approach to anti-aging.  Giving you back what you lost, not what you never had!’  Says Shawn Solomon.  ‘Setting the right expectations, discussing your wishes and the realities is always the way we begin any consultation.  In the end we want your results to be the face of TSC, anything else would be a failure.’

6 time winner of the Top Choice Award for Best Medical Spa and the 4 time winner of the Consumer Choice Award (2020, 2021, 2022 + 2023) is evidence of the concerted effort to make the client the top priority instead of a transaction.

Where Science and Beauty intertwine, TSC has a solution for all of your skin concerns, beauty and anti-aging needs.  Book your free consultation today and find our what everyone is talking about.