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TSC Blemish Free Hybrid Facial

Try our new series of customizable Hybrid Facials. Our Hybrid Facial series is customizable to your skin needs. These were created for our clients who do not have tons of time to commit to treatment plans but still would like to treat their skin. These services can be done on a lunch break and you can go back to work feeling refreshed with a natural glow. Perfect for individuals who have oily and acne-prone skin!

We deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin to get rid of oil and impurities before extracting any blackheads or whiteheads and topping with a Hydrojelly Mask. An ALA serum is then applied to help combat oiliness and acne, and is finished with Blue Light therapy to help target the bacteria causing acne. The Spot Diminishing ALA Hydrojelly treats acne-prone skin to shrink oil glands and minimize colonies of bacteria responsible for acne. It is highly effective in treating wounds, acne, and skin infections. It is followed with Lightstim Blue Light Therapy, which destroys acne-causing bacteria, helping to clear existing breakouts in order to give you visibly improved, healthy-looking skin.

Try this revolutionary facial without breaking the bank and give your skin the glow it deserves!