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Reduction of Depression Under Eyes

When the tear trough (or area below the eyes) is more than a 1:1 deficit to the tip of the cheek bone it can make the eyes seem tired. Beneath the eyes will restrict light due to this deficit and shadows will give the appearance of an enhanced darkness. Using a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler, we can use a technique we call glazing to improve this area to the proper proportion, thus reducing the shadows and depression.

With eyes, we are cautious in the way we treat. Dermal Filler attracts water and therefore in a sensitive area like the eyes, we put less than we think and give time to see how the Dermal Fillers retains water. This protocol generally yields the most natural looking results. When you feel as though tired becomes the only thing you see when you look in the mirror, even when you have had your full 8 hours, this treatment may be everything you have been looking for!

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