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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facials are a non-invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and they improve blood circulation to give your skin a nice glow all while promoting collagen production for younger looking skin. The Oxygen Facial adds radiance and hydrates the skin to improve overall skin tone and texture.

The top layer of our skin is a barrier to protect us from sun damage, pollution, and other environmental factors. This is why Cell Renewal is important in the anti-aging process. The Oxygen Facial re-energizes skin cells and aids with anti-aging as it permeates much-needed purified Oxygen and vitamins into your skin. The result is brighter, clearer, healthier looking skin. The Oxygen directly treats tiredness, fine lines, and wrinkles which can come about due to environmental pollutants.

There are two components โ€“ the Oxygen Dome and the Oxygen Gun.

The Oxygen Dome covers the entire face from side to side, where purified oxygen or negative ions are infused into the skin painlessly. The Oxygen Dome amplifies the benefits of any additional treatment you do or product you use. Not only does your skin benefit from the 90% pure Oxygen but so does your body as you inhale the purified Oxygen. We help you feel great from the inside out!

The Oxygen Gun is a convenient tool that infuses a mist of Oxygen and anions along with customizable serums into the skin all at once. It has all the same benefits as the Dome! By re-energizing worn-out cells your skin will automatically appear plumper and more youthful. This handpiece allows for direct control of where the mist is concentrated and allows for a closer, more intense infusion into the skin.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

We offer Oxygen Facials for the face.

Can I Combine Them with Other Treatments?

It can be done as a stand-alone treatment but benefits are maximized when added on to one of our Cell Renewal or Skin Rejuvenation services!

How Often Should I Do This Treatment?

Depending on your skin concern, an Oxygen Facial can be done 2-4 weeks apart or even as often as needed. For best results, your Aesthetician will guide you in the most productive direction.

Is There Downtime?

There is no downtime with our Oxygen Facials for the most part. Some patients can experience mild redness post-treatment that subsides on its own within hours. It is completely reasonable to have an Oxygen Facial on your lunch break and go back to work looking refreshed and glowing! It is also perfect as a refresher before an event to give you a youthful glow.

Post-Care Recommendations:

Always wear sunscreen with SPF30 or higher following a cell renewal treatment (even in the winter months). Do not apply make-up for at least 4 hours. Do not exfoliate for a minimum 48 hours after treatment. Other specified instructions will be given at appointment.

Book your consultationย to see how our Oxygen Facial can have you looking your best, or ask us how you can protect your most visible asset, and keep your skin clear and beautiful with at-home skin care recommendations. Contact us now.