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Excel V

Remove Unsightly Veins

Unsightly leg and facial spider veins – those small clusters of red or purple veins that usually appear on the thighs, calves, ankles and face, can be a problem for millions of men and women. The problem affects a wide range of age groups, skin types and lifestyles. At Thornhill Skin Clinic, we understand that these can be a nuisance or eye sore. This is why we offer the Excel V treatment to help treat those unsightly veins.

The thin veins on the legs termed “spider veins” usually appear on the thighs and ankles. The veins on the face generally appear on the nose, chin or cheek area and often occur in the skin condition called Rosacea. These veins are purple, blue or red and usually appear in three basic shapes; linear, branch-like or spider-shaped, with a dark center point. While they may not be medical emergencies, most would rather be rid of these distractions to their natural beauty.

Until recently, the treatment of unsightly spider veins was a lengthy and painful process that involved needles or other invasive techniques. Today with advanced technologies, leg and facial spider veins and redness of the face can be dramatically reduced - if not eliminated. The sensation and the degree of discomfort varies with each patient.

Thornhill Skin Clinic offers excellent treatment of leg and facial spider veins and redness of the face. The treatment we offer is Excel V.

The Excel V laser is an excellent method of spot treating larger facial or leg veins. With lasers, we customize your treatment to deliver precise dosages of energy through a special hand piece to each targeted vein without damaging the surrounding skin. The energy is absorbed by the vein causing thermal coagulation of the blood in the vessel. Over a short period of time the vessel is absorbed by the body.

    What Areas Can Be Treated?

    Essentially any area of the body or face that is affected by visible veins and broken capillaries can be treated.

    How Often Should I Do This Treatment?

    This treatment is usually recommended to do once a month for up to 4 treatments. With just one treatment you will see results but multiple are needed to ensure maximum efficacy. Maintenance treatments are always recommended to keep vessels at bay.

    Is It Painful?

    When pulses of light are delivered, some patients feel a mild pinching or stinging sensation, similar to the light snap of a rubber band. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required.

    How Do I Prepare for This Treatment?

    Avoid sun exposure and tanning for 4 weeks prior in the area looking to be treated. Please note that if you consume Advil within 2 weeks of your appointment, you will have a slightly increased risk of bruising. This risk of bruising is a constant, but with Advil it is slightly elevated. The treatment is still doable.

    Is There Downtime?

    There is minimal downtime. Avoid sun exposure post-treatment, and be sure to avoid any strenuous activity that may cause sweating and/or heat to the area. Optimal results can be maintained only if you apply sunscreen.

    Post-Care Recommendations:

    Always wear sunscreen with SPF30 or higher following a treatment (even in the winter months). Avoid sun exposure in the treated area for 2 weeks post-treatment. Do not apply make-up for at least 4 hours. Do not exfoliate for a minimum 48 hours after treatment. Other specified instructions will be given at appointment.

    Book your consultation to see how Excel V can have you looking your best, or ask us how you can protect your most visible asset, and keep your skin clear and beautiful with at-home skin care recommendations. Contact us now.