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TSC Forma Selfie Hybrid Facial

Try our new series of customizable Hybrid Facials.

Our Hybrid Facial series is customizable to your skin needs. These were created for our clients who do not have tons of time to commit to treatment plans but still would like to treat their skin. These services can be done on a lunch break and you can go back to work feeling refreshed with a natural glow.

Forma is a painless skin tightening treatment that utilizes radio-frequency (RF) technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. By targeting fat cells in your dermal layer, with a precise applicator head contouring to even the most stubborn of your face or neck areas, Forma effectively stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves your bodyโ€™s natural skin plumping mechanism.

This treatment combines Forma RF technology with a Hydrojelly Sheep Placenta Mask and light therapy for an instant lift, tightening, and youthful look to your skin. The Australian Sheep Placenta Hydrojelly mask reduces skin sagging by stimulating collagen production for firmer-looking skin. It enhances the skin renewal process and reduces the appearance of scars.