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Botox Facial

Thornhill Skin Clinic's Signature Botox Facial is a new innovation using proven anti-aging ingredients in the perfect combination to give you that 'like glass' skin we are dream about. The Botox Facial is not a traditional facial of massage and manipulations, this treatment uses a device called Aquagold™ to deliver a proprietary cocktail of Botox, a HA Filler like Juvederm plus other vitamins that your skin will thank you for.

The Aquagold™ Fine Touch is a glass vial topped with 20, 24 karate gold plated, hair thin needles, allowing the introduction of product just under the skin through a process called micro-channeling. Through these microscopic, controlled injuries we are able to deliver this proprietary cocktail, thereby achieving a glass like finish to the skin.

You can expect reduced oil production, reduction to the pores and fine lines, increased hydration and just an overall smoother appearance. It's like a filter, but it's not. The perfect red-carpet treatment, when you need to be photo ready and fast!

Our Signature Botox Facial can now be ordered and picked up for you to treat yourself from the comfort of your home! All treatments include our proprietary cocktail blend and are made-to-order, meaning they are not pre-made and kept on the shelf. When you place your order, your facial will be prepared specifically for you and tailored to your needs. Pickup time must be arranged as each order is specially crafted. You can purchase it for at-home use on our website here or of course we love to see your beautiful face in clinic where we can provide it for you.